RTKLIB on Raspberry Pi

High accuracy GNSS positioning has always been associated with expensive commercial solutions. So I was pretty thrilled when I first heard about RTKLIB. Developed for the past seven years by Tomoji Takasu, RTKLIB is a free open source software for GNSS data processing. It has an impressive list of features, decoding of multiple formats (including the latest RTCM 3.2), NTRIP support, multiple constellations support, post processing and real-time processing ranging from single point positioning to RTK to PPP.

A great thing about RTKLIB is that it is highly portable. It is written in standard C and can be compiled on many different operating systems and platforms, including the hugely popular Raspberry Pi. Run the free RTKLIB on a fifty bucks Raspberry Pi connected to a low cost GNSS board (such as the u-blox LEA-xT series), now you have access to centimetre level positioning without the thousands of dollars price tag. Read More